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Whole Yoga

Class Descriptions *Fall 2021 classes hope to resume, email will be sent to students

Yoga Calm (ages 5 and up)

This class is developed to help children develop healthy habits for a lifetime of wellness and happiness. Yoga Calm gives children practice and routine that integrates physical, mental and emotional development. Activities in the classes include: breathing, yoga poses, social/emotional games and relaxation. Private and family classes are also available. Visit for more information on the benefits of Yoga Calm.

Hatha Yoga (beginning to intermediate)

This class can serve as an introduction as well as a deepening of the practice. The focus will be on breath awareness, standing and balance poses as well as sun salutations. Teaching inspired by Ansursa Yoga emphasizing alignment while connecting the mind, body and heart. The flow class (wake up and flow) will move more quickly through poses with less emphasis on breaking down poses.

Level 1 (beginners): 

for those new to yoga, as well as students who want to reconnect with the basics. In class, we explore beginning poses, alignment principles and building awareness.

Level 2 (advanced beginners-intermediate): 

for continuing students, deepening the practice of asana (poses) and awareness. Asana includes sun salutations, dynamic standing poses, beginning inversions, back bends, beginning arm balances, seated twists and forward bends.

Adaptive Chair-Based Yoga (all levels)

A chair based practice for students needing to maintain strength an flexibility, develop breath capacity and deepen the relaxation response for soothing the nervous system. 

Yin Yoga (all levels)

This class targets the connective tissue (fascia) of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Poses in this class are held for longer periods time (3-5 mins), with or without the use of props. This practice compliments the more muscular styles of yoga or those with an active lifestyles. In addition to the physical benefits this class is a great aid for mediation and recharging the body.

Restorative Yoga (all levels)

This class uses props (blankets, blocks, sandbags, straps) to hold postures for a longer period of time (3-15 mins) to initiate deep relaxation and open the body through passive stretching. This practice quiets the body, mind, and spirit leaving the student feeling opened and refreshed.

For more information and questions about classes contact Michelle directly via phone or email.