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Whole Yoga

Unleashing your true warrior........

                                              students share personal discoveries through yoga.

"I have been practicing yoga for several years, but studying with Michelle has helped me deepen my practice tremendously. Michelle has taught me new ways to approach poses, and has coached me into an awareness of the subtle details of different postures that has allowed me to experience familiar poses in completely different ways! I really appreciate Michelle's dedication to making yoga accessible to the beginners in our class, while at the same time providing continued growth for the more experienced students!"

- April C., Canby

"I feel better! I've been attending Michelle's yoga classes for several years now and I know it has made a difference. My posture has improved and my chronic tension areas rarely bother me anymore. Michelle has a great teaching style; she's fun, relaxed, and she sets you up for success."

- Leslie R., Canby

"I started taking a yoga class with Michelle almost a year ago after a knee surgery and a complete hysterectomy. At 55 I was healing very slowly and had some additional problems with pain in my lower back and a pinched sciatic nerve. I started taking a spin class and Michelle was the instructor she had such a positive message teaching us to open our hearts, to listen to our body and how to be thankful for the ability to do what we could. She was teaching a yoga class and so I thought it might be a good chance to still get stronger with less impact. I felt somewhat embarrassed with my lack of flexibility but was always put at ease by Michelle's positive messages. I have never had much self-confidence but I am now finding myself replacing the negative thoughts with the positive warm thoughts Michelle uses as she teaches her classes. I am learning to be grateful for the body I have and appreciate being able to live a more fluid life. I have been pain free in my knee for almost six months now and my lower back pain with the pinched nerve is completely gone. I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to move taller and straighter with my head held high. I feel 10 yrs. younger with a light heart and truly fabulous at 55!"

- Mona W., Oregon City

“For years I struggled with depression and being on antidepressants. My therapist suggested trying yoga to help in my treatment. I gave it a go and found great success. Yoga has helped me loose weight, relieve depressed feelings, and I sleep better. I believe yoga has been one of the biggest reasons in sustaining my over all wellbeing. I never want to stop practicing!”

-Student, Canby

"I started practicing yoga with Michelle the fall of 2016. During that time I was talking multiple pain relievers and ointments for my knees and even considering knee replacement. Yoga has been a lifesaver! After attending weekly classes and home practice, the pain in my knees is gone and I’ve stopped taking anti-inflammatory meds. Thank you Michelle for your wonderful class!"

-Patti M, Canby